Jasper, Schmalenbach and 6 salvos...

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Re: Jasper, Schmalenbach and 6 salvos...

Postby wadinga » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:10 pm

Hello Antonio,

You have said,

The overall analysis will easily determine that Adm Lutjens was right with his radio message

whereas you have now supplied (and once again I applaud you making this public :clap: :clap: :clap: ) an official KM summary document, presumably using all evidence including interviews with surviving officers, signals and other material available in 1941, some of which may not have survived to the present day, confirming the inference from the PG KTB that Hood exploded not at 06:00 at all, but after 06:01 as reported in the KTB.

You further observe you referenced and were aware of, this document in your 2005 publication. You are quite right that many of us here have not been as diligent as you in discovering this original material, although Marc has published much original material.

Is it true to say that your "overall analysis" developed over all the years since then, concluded that the KM document is incorrect?

All the best

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Re: Jasper, Schmalenbach and 6 salvos...

Postby Antonio Bonomi » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:24 pm

Hello everybody,

@ Wadinga,

you asked :

Is it true to say that your "overall analysis" developed over all the years since then, concluded that the KM document is incorrect ?

Not all the document and his contained information are incorrect, ... for the above part only the 06.01 is an incorrect input based on the PG KTB, as I already wrote several times on the dedicated thread.

This is valid for this document as well as for many other documents, ... both sides, ... some contains not intentional incorrect statements written on them, ... some intentionally written incorrect for the known war time propaganda reasons / needs.

But please, ... I do not want to re-open a new discussion about it here now, ... so take my words just as a recap of what we have been thru on last years.

This battle re-construction work has been based on all the official available documents I have found on 14 years of researches on both sides.

The battle time is defined between 05.52 and 30 seconds, when HMS Hood opened fire until 06.09 when Bismarck ceased fire on the first main morning action.

All the events have been recorded on many documents both sides with some milestone times.

We have gone thru all those events on many threads on this forum.

The events sequence and their timing is well described by Hunter-Terry and Jasper, ... other inputs can be correlated on many different ways, ... as you have seen done by me, ... and not only me, ... thru those years.

A very good example was Thorsten Wahl discovering the Bismarck shell splashes close to PoW on the PG film when PoW salvo 16th departed from her being aside the Hood sinking wreck smoke cloud, ... that was a great help, ... one of the many I received here in.

That 06.01 entry is incorrect because we have the photo NH 69724 telling us more precisely when that event occurred, ... at it was very close to the PoW fired salvo 14th, ... as we can all easily see ourselves.

But again we have already long discussed about it on the dedicated Hood exploding time thread, ... so nothing new about it.

I provided the KM document so everybody can see the timings before that event listed, ... especially the PG and Bismarck open fire time.

The 05.57 synch timing with Hunter-Terry is the key, ... to link both sides correctly ... and after it will be the photo NH 69731 to become the second key timing checkpoint both sides ... :wink:

Bye Antonio :D
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