How did you come to be interested in Bismarck?

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Re: How did you come to be interested in Bismarck?

Post by rick43515 » Thu Aug 25, 2016 9:10 am

I remember My father and older brother and I going to the Drive in to see the movie Sink the Bismarck. When I was in the Army I was stationed in Germany for 6 yrs. and the German lady a Frau Helma Glaab who ran the bowling ally told me her Uncle had been stationed on the Bismarck and survived the sinking. She introduced me to him his name was Karl and told me about the sinking. He told me it was hell on board because the ship couldn't maneuver and was a setting duck. But he said the worst thing was that as he got aboard the HMS Devonshire the ship took off leaving over a thousand German sailors in the water to drown. It was revenge for the Hood.

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Re: How did you come to be interested in Bismarck?

Post by wadinga » Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:50 pm

Hello Rick,

Did "Karl" express his heartfelt thanks to Captain Martin and the crew of the Dorsetshire for his own life being saved, I wonder?

The ships at the scene were aware that Bismarck had been sending homing signals for U-boats for some hours and the naiivity of those who believe a U-Boat would avoid torpedoing a stopped, juicy target on the off chance those being picked were fellow Germans is not borne out by the real evidence of "total war". Destroyer HMS Maori had Bismarck survivors on board, but the Luftwaffe pilots who attacked and sank her sister Mashona did not know or care if their countrymen were aboard any of the ships. Rescuing German survivors conferred no invulnerability to attack.

Captain Martin, in his tall-sided heavily rolling cruiser had his own men's lives to think about plus those survivors he had already picked up when a sighting was made of a possible U-Boat in position to attack. He made a difficult decision based on this incomplete information.

This allegation of "revenge" is most often made in the darker parts of the Web and has no place being revived here, since it has been discussed before.

Incidentally I built Bismarck as an "Eaglewall" 1/1250 plastic model kit along with Suffolk and the Tribals many, many years ago.

All the best

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