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Request for some Bismarck detail information

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:52 am
by FightingSteel1

This is my first post here :). I'm currently working on a model of the Bismarck and he has been one of my favorite naval subjects. I'm looking for a little information regarding some details/colors of the ship. And no, I'm not asking about the turret tops lol!

Color-wise, I have a few things I want to clarify. Where could I get information on the color of the launch boats/cutters/etc., the (I assume) flotation rafts that were stacked and/or placed on the superstructure, and the turret blast bags. I've seen so many different iterations in models, pictures and paintings, and I'm not sure about any of those items.

Also, I am painting the ship to look as it did leaving Norway, so I have the false bow waves to do. I've seen some say they were the same shape, while others references state they looked different between port and starboard. Any more definitive information on that?

Thank you