Researching some of the sounds of the Bismarck

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Researching some of the sounds of the Bismarck

Postby FightingSteel1 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:17 am


I'm currently building a running model of the Bismarck, and I'm looking for some information about sound. I'm trying to figure out what sounds you may have been able to hear the ship making at a reasonably close distance (scale distance from a model.)

I'm going to be modeling the 15" main gun sounds, and probably the smaller secondary/AA armament. But beyond that, what else would be worth doing? I've thought about engine sounds, but I wonder if you could have really heard that being on deck, much less outside and away of the ship.

Also, would the ships alarms/bells have been audible from a distance? If so, what did they sound like?

Any information, or maybe some sounds I'm not even thinking about would be terrific! Thank you

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