GEMA Radar Development

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GEMA Radar Development

Post by Davidoff » Fri Feb 21, 2020 1:20 am

I finally got a copy of this.

GEMA: birthplace of German radar and sonar
Creator: Kroge, Harry von.
This book tells the fascinating story of how German radar and sonar was developed in the years leading up to and through World War II. Harry von Kroge has devoted decades to collecting a mass of statements and widely scattered documentary material about the evolution of GEMA's sonar and radar. The book provides much previosly unavailable material and insights into the difficulties encountered on the way to the first promising results in target detection and ranging without optical visibility. The reader will find rare technical descriptions as well as information about industrial and scientific cooperation involving secret equipment in Germany before 1945.

And it states the following about the TS1 triode”
“There were problems with the TS1 triodes, which were not reliable in long continuous operation, and to change them required
An NVA or GEMA technician”, which I take to mean no repairs at sea, only in the yard.

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TS1 Triode

Post by Davidoff » Wed Feb 26, 2020 2:26 am!Aj3akisgB2ylm3xwOg-hX0EesOgq

Some detail on the TS1 triode, not replaced by TS6 until refits. Tirpitz had them.

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Re: GEMA Radar Development

Post by Dave Saxton » Sat Mar 07, 2020 4:32 am

The TS1 was a close clone of the American 316A/B. The early cavity magnetron they were using proved too unstable in frequency for the type of radar they were developing, so they dropped the magnetron and went to triodes. (see page 43 of von Kroge's book) The context given for needing GEMA or NVA techs to change the transmitting triodes was pre-war.

Radars with the TS6 superseded the series I Seetakt sets from May 1940. Why do you say that the Tirpitz had TS1s? Or did you mean TS6?
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