Imperial Russian Navy VARJAG

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Ulrich Rudofsky
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Imperial Russian Navy VARJAG

Post by Ulrich Rudofsky » Sun Jul 22, 2007 7:21 pm

This is an interesting article of the history and final resting place of the illustrious Imperial Russian Navy VARJAG. An appeal is made to divers to return the articles and pieces they removed from the ship. Obviously, lots of luck, none will. The same fate will probably befall the BISMARCK when deepsea diving becomes more practical and affordable in the next few years....................Certainly, if the Germans become more and more oblivious to their history that will happen.

Orville H. Larson
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Post by Orville H. Larson » Tue Jul 24, 2007 8:16 am

Interesting item about this Russian vessel.

Is BISMARCK in danger of being "cannibalized," so to speak? If I'm not mistaken, she's at a depth of 15,500 feet, so it's not as if scuba divers will be going down to her (as they have to the Italian liner ANDREA DORIA, which lies at a depth of about 250 feet).

Of course, Ulrich, I know what you mean--deep-diving submarines. Because humans can't survive outside the sub at that depth, and because the submersible presumably can't get inside the wreck, BISMARCK will still be pretty safe from "souvenir hunters."

Also--for what it's worth--doesn't BISMARCK have protection as a "war grave" under international law?

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