zone of silence

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zone of silence

Post by paul.mercer » Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:15 pm

Many years ago I read somewhere that in certain parts of the oceans there was a zone of silence where no radio messages could get through, obviously this was long before satallites etc, is this just a myth?

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Re: zone of silence

Post by Rick Rather » Thu Aug 22, 2013 5:34 pm

Submerged submarines can't communicate by radio, except for receiving VLF/ELF transmissions.

As for ships on the surface, long-range radio propagation is due to the signal bouncing off of the ionosphere. :think: Is there a place (perhaps near the magnetic poles) where the ionosphere either is not there or does not reflect RF?
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Re: zone of silence

Post by RF » Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:09 pm

During August 1941 the hilfskreuzer Atlantis in crossing the South Pacific did apparently encouter an area where no radio transmission could be heard, a zone with a radius of about 200 to 300 miles.

It appears that two years later the hilfskreuzer Michel, in roughly the same area, also encountered this phenomenon.
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