Comments on Neville Chamberlain made by Republican Senator

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Re: Comments on Neville Chamberlain made by Republican Senat

Post by Byron Angel » Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:06 pm

Dave Saxton wrote:Well all demographic groups are minority, so your right a coalition of sorts must be built.

What is really interesting are some demographic breakdowns I saw on the last election. Independants overwhelmingly voted for Romney-not Obama. Young voters also did not turn out for Obama like in 08 with many switching to Romney. What was the difference in the vote totals then? It was large numbers of conservatives sitting out the election. :shock:

Factor in some urban districts with 140% voter turn out, voting 98% for Obama, in key swing states such as Va, Pa, and Ohio and there you go.

..... Minority?
Number of Republican governors - 30 out of 50
Number of Republican controlled state legislatures - 26
Number of Democrat controlled state legislatures - 18
Number of contested state legislatures - 6

While I agree that Democratic control is indeed centered in the more populous states, I remain convinced that the 2012 victory was secured by Democratic vote fraud on an industrial scale.

Strictly my opinion, of course.


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Re: Comments on Neville Chamberlain made by Republican Senat

Post by MikeBrough » Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:48 am

[quote="RFIn Britain UKIP is often branded as an offshoot of the Conservative Party and is alleged to be a Conservative vote splitter. Yet it manages to win Labour seats in Labour strongholds where there is no Conservative vote to capture. It wins Lib Dem seats where the Conservatives have previously failed to win.


To be fair, UKIP are effectively a single-issue party (EU membership) which makes it easier to gather support across traditional party lines in the short term, i.e. until that issue is addressed or goes away.

BTW they haven't won a single seat in the House of Commons, only in local government and, funnily enough, in the European Parliament.

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