Bismarck Camouflage paint

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Bismarck Camouflage paint

Postby sunflower » Mon May 11, 2015 3:02 pm

I am updating my 40+ year old 1:100 model of Bismarck and would like help on the following questions:-
Paint - Baltic camouflage May 1941 - 3 colours of grey are quoted on the back cover of Jack Brower's book 'The Battleship Bismarck'. Dark Grey RAL7024, Mid Grey RAL7000, and Light Grey RAL7001. Where were they applied, and if gloss or matt finish.
FuMO23 Radar Antenna - Any tips on how to make them or where to buy would be appreciated.
Model Figures - where can I buy 1:100 scale figures WW2 German Navy (not U-Boat).

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