Warship design and construction, terminology, navigation, hydrodynamics, stability, armor schemes, damage control, etc.
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I've been playing around with what if questions on a modeling forum for building a Naval Gunfire Support Ship and am hunting for some information. One thing lacking from my design is a missile capable of quick response to inland targets that are not large enough for something like a TLAM or SLAM.

I would like something that could be quad packed in a mk41 VLS and reusing the RIM-162 has obvious merits but I have questions. How much of the $800,000 cost is related to the antiaircraft function that would be ripped out anyway? Using one of the multimode seekers from the Joint Air to Ground Missile or something similar would be ideal.

I've thought about things like the Joint Strike Missile intended for the F-35, but it's subsonic and overkill for the mission. Anyone have any additional info? I have several different ship designs in mind, ranging from a 3x5" mk45 Burke hull (sans AEGIS), to using Mk71 8", to a 12" gunned version of a San Antonio class. This is all for a future modeling project, I'm just a guy who likes ships.


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Meine Herren, es kann ein siebenjähriger, es kann ein dreißigjähriger Krieg werden – und wehe dem, der zuerst die Lunte in das Pulverfaß schleudert!

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