Scenario with Bismarck and Tirpitz

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Scenario with Bismarck and Tirpitz

Post by Francis Marliere » Wed May 28, 2014 4:33 pm


I am currently working on a scenario for a naval wargame. The scenario explores what may have happened if Bismarck had survived Operation Rheinübung and all 4 German battleships were ordered to make a new raid in the North Atlantic in January 1942.
Unfortunately I can't find some of the information I am looking for and I request your help for the following subjects :
- oob for the Lufwaffe in France and Norway ;
- oob for the Coastal Command ;
- list and location of the fleet tankers of the US Atlantic Fleet available at the time ;
- and, above all, list of the ships that could refuel the German ships once they leave their port. I know that Germany had several supply ships at sea during Rheinübüng, but that some / most of them were sunk by the Royal Navy shortly after. I have no idea of what the Germans had in January 42.

Thanks for any help,

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Re: Scenario with Bismarck and Tirpitz

Post by tameraire01 » Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:10 pm

Best bet would be if lutjens had his own way and delayed exercise rhine/ berlin till 41/42 so he could have either tirpitz and/or sharnhorst were avalible.
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