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Soon To Be A Reality: Battlefield Exo-Skeletons

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:39 pm
by Kyler
A few years back DARPA put out requests for a strapon exo-skeleton for US Army soldiers to help them carry 200lbs for extended periods and distances.
Berkley Bionics has developed and believes it can operationally field the first individual exo-skeleton for combat soldiers.

The system is referred as HULC (Human Universal Load Carrier). It a hydraulically powered system that can allow a soldier to better squat, lift, and crawl with large amounts of weight with little physical energy put out by the soldier.

Berkley Bionics has signed an exclusive deal with Lockheed Martin for future development and marketing of the system for military applications

:D Where can I get mine! article on page 88