Adalbert Schneider

Anything about the crew, families, origins, etc.
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Adalbert Schneider

Post by José M. Rico » Mon Dec 13, 2004 10:27 am

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09 Oct 2004 03:36:28 - Peter Scheller

In the early eighties I met the German yacht "Krios" in New Calidonia. On board was Juergen Schultze-Roehl (Colonel, Retired, German Air Force) with his wife Karin and dog Purzel. Karin Schultze-Roehl is the daughter of Korvetten Kapitaen Adalbert Schneider. To the best of my knowledge the yacht "Krios" was reported to be in Indonesia in August 2004. Juergen Schultze-Roehl has an amateur radio call sign, I do not recall at this time. It schould not be too difficult to track down Karin with this information. I am sure that she can fill in some of the blanks concerning her father. I hope this helps to fill in some more of the history and mystery of the Battleship Bismarck.

Peter Scheller, ex yacht "Magic Dragon" Honolulu, Hawaii.


09 Oct 2004 21:59:14 - Ulrich Rudofsky

The Schultze-Roehls have chronicled the voyages of the yacht KRIOS in several volumes of "Von Cockpit zu Cockpit". I am not familiar with ham radio, but the yacht KRIOS call sign is 2209 DL8HAI (11/3/2001).


10 Oct 2004 11:33:29 - E.Ludwig

Yesterday I sent en e-mail to the responsable radioamateur for S.E.Asia in the IARU (Int.Amateur Radio Union). I asked him to try to find the KRIOS. with his Indonesion contacts. Since Ulrich found the call sign already I looked in my international call book and found DL8HAI Juergen Schulze Roehl, im Woog 4, D-55234 Erbes Buedesheim.

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