Slade Cutter USN

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Slade Cutter USN

Post by Coyote850 » Sun May 20, 2012 6:51 pm

I recently bought the book "Slade Cutter, Submarine Warrior" On the second blank page is written:

To Harley and Carol Walton, Thank you for making Pam's life happy and comfortable.
Capt. Slade Cutter, USN (Ret)

I believe "Pam" is his stepdaughter form his second marriage. But she was alive at the time of his passing.

Capt Cutter passed on in 2005. The book was published in 2003.

I am curious as to who is Harley and Carol Walton and what their relation to Pam and Capt Cutter was.

Slade Cutter was always one of my favorite sub captains to read about. Having a book signed by him is an honor.