Wreckdiving, Old wreck of Lexington 1709

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Wreckdiving, Old wreck of Lexington 1709

Post by golfbaron » Sat May 17, 2014 10:28 am

Can somone help me to find some information regarding this wreck?
I am really intressted in getting some background info regarding this wreck. Not many people have actually dived on this wreck.
I know the exact position of the wreck, and some of the local history behind it, but cannot find any official british records.
I have 3 anchors laying on top of eachother. 20 meters dept. Some bricks are also scattered around there. (probably from the ships stove)
The wreck is located in Norway, Smøla to be exact. It is not on any chart.
The local history says that it went down in year 1709. It is said to be a British sailship.
Most of the crew where saved, and they actually donated a big altair for the local church when they returned home to England.
This church burned down hundred years ago, but it is all well documented.

The only thing now, is to find out where this ship came from. When it was built. What it was carrying? Documentations about how big it was etc...
Anyone that can help me? Point me in the right direction of where to look?


Captain Nils

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Lexington wreck year 1709

Post by golfbaron » Sat May 17, 2014 11:33 am

I have the position of an old english wreck. It was called "Lexington", and wrecked in 1709 outside where I live. Smøla in Norway. I have dived on the site, and 3 big stock anhors is laying there on top of eachother, and some other debries like brics from the galley stove etc.

Only a few people knows where this wreck is, so it is pretty virgin. The dept is only 20 meters.

The wreck is vell documented in old local history, and it says that the sailship came from England. Some of the crew where saved by the locals, and as a token, after they returned to england, they sent back a big altair to the local church. It supposably said someting like thanks from crew of lexington 1709. The church of course burnt down in 1850, but it is all well documented.

Now, over to my questions:

I would really like to know a bit about the history of this vessel. Where it came from, what it was loaded with, where it was built etc.etc.

I cannot find anything online.

Somenoe knows where to look? Historical records?

Could someone please help me with this?


Captain Nils B.

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