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URANIE France 1788 built
THAMES Britain 1793 captured by URANIE & CARMAGNOLE
TAMISE France 1793 ex THAMES renamed
TARTU France 1793 URANIE renamed by France
TAMISE France 1796 captured by SANTA MARGARITA
TAMISE Britain 1796 renamed THAMES
SANTA MARGARITA Spain 1779 captured by TARTAR
SANTA MARGARITA Britain 1780 retained name SANTA MARGARITA
TARTU France 1797 captured by POLYPHEMUS
TARTU Britain 1797 renamed her original French name URANIE
URANIE Britain 1797 continuation of service until
URANIE Britain 1807 Sold

So, you thought 20th Century ship actions were complicated.

This is a simple example of small ship actions of the late 18th Century,
with the URANIE as the cetrepiece.

Additionally, the above named vessels were collectively involved in over 60 ( sixty ) other assorted actions.

I have DELIBERATELY kept ALL the technical information out. If you want that there are loads of excellent tomes.
A full broadside. The traditional English salute.
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