free review copies of WWII naval books

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free review copies of WWII naval books

Post by wfzimmerman » Fri Apr 11, 2008 7:28 pm


My publishing company has free review copies of the following books available:

* BB-67 MONTANA, U.S. Navy Battleship: Why She Matters Today
* BATTLESHIP YAMATO: Why She Matters Today

* Iowa Class Battleship and Alaska Class Large Cruiser Proposed Conversions: An Illustrated Technical Reference, by Wayne D. Scarpaci

These are in a unique "nimble" format with 36 pp color interior and a mix of beautiful images with pointed commentary. The first two are not definitive design histories, but rather seek to answer the question posed in the subtitle: why do we care about these superships today?

The only condition is that you must write a review on US mail only, but for overseas readers I will send free PDF.

Please send email or pm with your address to me -- wfz # at & nimblebooks doht com.


Fred Zimmerman
Nimble Books LLC