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Alfonso Arenas
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Spanish Cruisers

Post by Alfonso Arenas » Fri Jun 10, 2005 6:39 pm

Hi, Tiornu

The book cover all of of these:

Small Cruisers: Sánchez Barcáiztegui and Jorge Juan

Wooden Cruisers: Aragón, Castilla and Navarra

Unprotected 'third class' Cruisers: General Lezo, General Concha, Elcano and Magallanes

Unprotected 'second class' Cruisers: Velasco, Gravina, Infanta Isabel, Ulloa, Colón, Juan de Austria, Conde del Venadito and Isabel II

First Class Cruisers: Reina Cristina, Alfonso XII and Reina Mercedes

Second Class Cruisers: Isla de Luzón, Isla de Cuba and Marqués de la Ensenada

Protected Cruisers: Reina Regente, Alfonso XIII and Lepanto

'Bilbao' Cruisers: Infanta María Teresa, Vizcaya and Oquendo

Armoured Cruisers: Carlos V, Colón, Princesa de Asturias, Cardenal Cisneros and Catalunya

Patriotic Contribution Cruisers: Río de la Plata and Extremadura

No-in-a-class Cruiser: Reina Regente

No-in-a-class Cruiser: Reina Victoria Eugenia (later República, later Navarra)

Light Cruisers: Blas de Lezo and Méndez Núñez

Light Cruiser 'teatry class': Príncipe Alfonso (later Libertad, later Galicia), Almirante Cervera and Miguel de Cervante (basically, HMS Emeralds with different funnel arrangement).

Washhington Heavy Cruisers: Baleares and Canarias (basically sisters of HMS Berwick).

If you want the book, prepare hard cash.

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Re: Spanish Cruisers

Post by Tiornu » Fri Jun 10, 2005 10:15 pm

I recently tried to buy a copy of John Brooks's new Jutland book--new, as in published in 2005. But no copies are available. I understand that the publisher printed only 400 copies. This is incomprehensible to me.
French publishers routinely order only the smallest print runs, putting their books out of print in no time at all and leaving potential customers scrambling to find copies.
Sorry, but I couldn't help whining.

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Post by mike1880 » Sun Jul 10, 2005 12:15 pm

That means most libraries won't have one either! I can't believe they can cover their costs on that many. I know it's minority interest but that's ridiculous.

Still, at least it means I should be able to retire when I sell mine...


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