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Re: Narvik, destroyersm camo and more

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 12:12 pm
by Matthias
Antonio Bonomi wrote:and properly synchronize KM with Luftwaffe on the correct colour to be air recognized.

...and like Rommel as one of my favourite subjects too on military strategy ... :wink:

Ciao Antonio :D
Too bad coordination between KM and Luftwaffe took place properly only once, during Operation Cerberus, which infact was a great success.

Seems we really have to speak a lot when we meet, isn't it Antonio? :D :wink:

Narvik, Tirpitz, camo and more

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 2:12 pm
by Antonio Bonomi
Ciao Matthias and all,

well, that is one of the best coordination efforts ( thanking Adolf Galland ) but also Op. Rosselsprung was a well coordinate operation, and many others too.

The problem is that the failures are more famous, especially the one in Tromso by ME 109 supposed to protect the Tirpitz, .. 100 good operations will pass un-noticed, .. 1 failure like that will remain forever.

The solution was to create a Naval Air Force under oen singel command line, as US Navy, Royal Navy and Japanese Navy did too, .. otherwise you are always exposed to problems as we saw on Kriegsmarine and Regia Marina, and to pay the price for it.

But we all know how it went with Graf Zeppelin, Seydlitz and Aquila, just to list few examples.

Yes, we will have fun one day.

Ciao Antonio :D

Other Narvik anchorages

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 6:04 pm
by Antonio Bonomi
Ciao all,

here the last photos of the Bogen Narvik anchorages :

1) The anchorage I called 4 on my map, between Tirpitz one and the Skogoy island.

Here the Admiral Scheer anchored in there seen from Tirpitz.


and here the place how it looks today.


2) Here the Botn anchorages, used for the Scharnhorst and the light cruisers.

In the center background the side view of Skogoy island.


3) Than we can look at a very 'curious' view of the soccer field were sailors were having some relax time.

On the background the Tirpitz and the Admiral Hipper.


and how it looks today.


Ciao Antonio :D