HMS EXeter post Graf Spee shell hits 'drawing/s'?

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Kev D
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HMS EXeter post Graf Spee shell hits 'drawing/s'?

Post by Kev D » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:01 am


Does anyone know if there exist any 'drawings' showing exactly where HMS Exeter was hit by Graf Spee, and more specifically the trajectory of the shells into / inside the ship (along the lines of drawing/s occasionally seen, IIRC, for HMS Prince of Wales after Bismarck action)?

Been reading the book, 'Exeter. A Cruiser Of The Medium Size' (EXCELLENT by the way, although 'action' doesn't start until at least 2/3rd's through, but still EXCELLENT nevertheless) and the authour gives a VERY descriptive account of all (or I think all) shell hits and describes any trajectories for the ones that made it inside the ship, so wondering if there were ever any AAR drawing/s made of said trajectories? (And yes, I have seen all or many of the pics of Exeter after she limped back to the Falklands, and know where the hits were in general, but would be very interested to actually 'see' the trajectories of any that penetrated as the book describes - as opposed to the ones detonating when they hit the ship, as several did on the forward turrets, and elsewhere, along with some very very near misses.)

TIA for any help.
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Re: HMS EXeter post Graf Spee shell hits 'drawing/s'?

Post by Bill Jurens » Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:07 am

Very complete drawings and descriptions of the damage suffered by the British cruisers during the action with Graf Spee can be found in the British archives. If my notes are correct, they can be found in ADM 267/145.

Bill Jurens

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