Drawings of Z23-30 and Z32-34 Available

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Drawings of Z23-30 and Z32-34 Available

Post by foeth » Mon Apr 18, 2005 6:02 pm

I received my new Christian Schmidt book list in the mail today. Amongst various interesting items

Z 23-30 Type 36A 1:100
6 sheets, 1,3x0,84m, lots of detail (I hope?)


Z 32-34 1942 Narvik class
5 sheets 1:100
I own this one, excellent!


Both for sale at http://www.christian-schmidt-fachbuchhandlung.de

Their order numbers:
Z 23-30: 0667 MEI
Z 32-32: 0663 MEI

If the Z 23-30 is as good as the Z 32-34 drawings, it will be an excellent buy. I ordered it, I'll let you know (or perhaps not).

Schmidt's webpage is hopeless, so not all their items are listed, ask them about the drawings!