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Z-30 1943 Colours

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:59 pm
by hucks216
Hello all,
I am looking to get the Trumpeter 1:350 model of the German Destroyer Z-30. The model is dated for the year 1942 but I am looking to have it made for the 1943 period (around the time of Op Sizilien or Scharnhorst's last sortie) and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the camouflage pattern and relevant colours for the required paint?
I have a small number of photos of Z-30 and Z-43. One of the photos shows a camouflage pattern on her Starboard side that differs from the one in the modelling guide (but I can not guarantee that it is Z-30 as it might be Z-28 or Z-43, I am just assuming it is) and another couple of photos that show her in an overall grey scheme. I have attached two of the photos here.
Can anyone shed some light on the following please:
A) Any images definitely dated for around September 1943 and showing Z-30's paint scheme?
A) Would the camouflage pattern on her Stbd side be replicated on her Port side?
B) What would the modelling colours be for both the camouflage patterns and the 'grey' ship (whether Revell or Humbrol - whatever is best)?

Any help is much appreciated.
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