A few questions about the design of hull on the "Admiral Hip

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A few questions about the design of hull on the "Admiral Hip

Post by Pr.Eugen » Tue May 14, 2013 4:53 pm

Hi all.
I have some questions about the design of hull on the "Admiral Hipper"- class heavy cruisers.

1. Maybe you have information on the restructuring of bulge after the launching of the cruisers?
If you look at photos of the launching (see photo of "Blucher" launch) we can see that the upper edge of the armor belt extends above bulge (this design is similar to the design of the “panzerschiffe” hull). Bulge top line approximately at the height of the armored deck. The photo "Hipper 'in dry dock (after the "Glowworm "-incident), we see that the rebuilt bulge: bulge pairing and the hull is slightly below the level of the illuminators on the armored deck.
What characteristics has become the ship’s hull after restructuring?

2. In Annex 7 to the Paul Schmalenbach’s book “Schwerer Kreuzer Prinz Eugen” we can see midship frame of cruiser "Blucher". The dotted line is drawn midship “Prince Eugen”. According to this figure, we can conclude that the “Prince’s" hull was approximately 300 ... 400 mm higher than the "Hipper’s" hull.
Equal to the height of hulls to all ships in the reference books - is wrong?

3. what was the shape of the end plates of internal armor belt. In the scheme of M.J. Wheatley book they have a trapezoid shape, expand in the direction of the fore and aft armour traverse. The scheme of Koop-Schmolke book this plates have a rectangular shape, their height (in the projection) is the height of the outer belt plates.
Which of the schemes is correct?
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