Battle of Santa Cruz-October 1942

From the Washington Naval Treaty to the end of the Second World War.
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Re: Battle of Santa Cruz-October 1942

Post by Steve Crandell » Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:29 pm

Thorsten Wahl wrote:From comparing TDS of Yorktown(CV5) and Colorado class it appears to me both systems appears as similar.

In Yorktowns case the sinking seemingly was caused by torpedoes wich hit the ships bottom.
The first hit of a aerial torpedo did not defeated the TDS but caused outer voids to be flooded at considerable shipslenght. This caused a heavy list and the ships bottom became accessible for torpedos... and was later hit. These torpedoes hit the machinery compartments. (Strictly my opinion)
That would be odd, because the outer voids are fairly small and don't cause much of a list when flooded, unless there were several torpedoes. Usually only a few void compartments are flooded, not causing much list. That is one advantage of a void liquid void type scheme, because the next inner compartment is liquid filled. For example, when the torpedo hit North Carolina it flooded about five void compartments out of the the approximately 20 on the port side.

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