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Re: The Heinkel HE177

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:59 pm
by Paul L
As if this was not complicated enough following this site speed is effected by other variables as well ... gtest.html
heres a some charts that show speed difference just with weapons racks is - 10 to -13mph, while difference in fuel grade can drop speed by additional 10mph or so. ... t-pg12.jpg ... t-pg11.jpg

a MUSTANG in clean configuration at a specific altitude can manage 410 mph , but if you sling ordnance under it the speed drops any were from 35mph to 54mph when the total mass increases by merely 1000lb.

near as I can figure it the mass increase alone should only result in a 20 mph drop in top speed, so the rest must be increased drag. I can imaging several HS-293 slung under the belly of a HE-177 must really slow the beast down

Re: The Heinkel HE177

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 5:40 am
by Paul L
found this link for the HE-177A3, but it quotes two weights and don't' know enough German to know. ... imb.17209/

The lesser mass is 26 ton for a bomber with 16 tons empty & 31ton max. Bomb-load seems to 6-7 tons while max fuel is 13,500 L suggesting 10tons of fuel. The threads speak of 80% mass being the point were bombs are dropped leaving 1/2 fuel clean.

Top speed looks like 550kph or 340mph @ 7 km altitude. Using hp/weight the mass should drop from 26 to 21 tons @ 1/2 fuel allowing top speed to exceed 354mph clean @ 1/2 fuel .