Airfix Scharnhorst 1/600th Scale

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Airfix Scharnhorst 1/600th Scale

Post by Panzerschiffe » Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:41 am

I applaud Airfix Re-releasing a few of the older kits this year; some of the older kits might need retooling before re-releasing. I just completed the Airfix 1/600th Scale Scharnhorst Kit 04206-8 with a mold date of 1963 placed on the underneath of the foredeck. I found this kit to be somewhat challenging: The mountings holes for part 130 (mainmast) to fit into part 123 ( upper smokestack searchlight platform) were poorly located. In a similar fashion, the mounting tabs for the upper gun platform (Part 135) failed to fit into upper searchlight platform (Part 133). Lastly, I felt there was insufficient room for the forward scoutplane launching platform Parts 28 & 29 to fit behind the scoutplane hangar Parts 25 & 26 on to it's mounting tab provided on the upper deck (part 20). The kit, as configured, depicts The Scharnhorst in it's pre-war configuration. The wartime version depicted by the Airfix-Heller Scharnhorst model in 1/400th scale with an "Atlantic Bow" might be a more aesthetic kit to many modelers.

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Re: Airfix Scharnhorst 1/600th Scale

Post by RNfanDan » Sun Mar 13, 2011 12:16 am

The issues with older Airfix kits are well-known. However, they still can be built into excellent models, provided that some skills are applied and necessary corrections made. One of the best things about Airfix kits, is that even the simpler ones can serve as a basis for a wide range of conversion projects.

For this reason, they will always be among my favorites.

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