WWII propaganda lives on!

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WWII propaganda lives on!

Post by Djoser » Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:45 pm

'Battleship X', AKA USS South Dakota, AKA to the boys of the USS Washington 'SD' meaning 'Shitty Dick'.

Seeing as how Washington bailed SD's ass out when it was getting the shit kicked out of it by a lesser opponent, it's hard not to sympathize t some extent. But from what I read, the crews of the two ships had to be kept separated when in the same port, especially after the Navy & the US Press concocted a story about Battleship X blowing the hell out of everything in sight.

But here in this relatively recent film, made after the true story of the 2nd Battle of Guadalcanal has been known for so many years, Battleship X is described as '...such a fighting, slugging, sharpshooting, indestructible battlewagon.'