Prinz Eugen's hull

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Prinz Eugen's hull

Post by ocy9 » Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:39 pm

I'm doing some research on the WW2 German cruiser Prinz Eugen for a 3D modelling project. Would anyone here happen to know if there were any significant changes made to Prinz Eugen's hull during her career (from launch to allied capture)? I want to reflect these changes accurately in the 3D models I'm producing of this ship.

What I know so far is:
  • After launch, before commissioning, an Atlantic/clipper style bow was installed.
  • At some point during her career, the stern was torpedoed and had to be rebuilt. Was the stern rebuilt to the same specifications and dimensions, or did they redesign it at this time?

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Re: Prinz Eugen's hull

Post by Dave Saxton » Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:34 pm

PG was torpedoed in Norwegian waters. Before returning to Germany the collapsed stern was removed and a transverse bulkhead installed, essentially converting the stern to a transom stern. The ship returned to Germany under its own power and steerage using the temporary transom stern.

A new stern of the original design had been prefabricated at Kiel. After the ship was dry docked and the aft section prepared, the prefabricated stern was flown in to place by a crane. It was then welded on.
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