Affordable care act? Really?

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Re: Affordable care act? Really?

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Byron Angel wrote:..... When I commented upon the suspected "Trojan Horse" nature of the ACA, the ultimate goal of a single payer system was very much on my mind. My suspicionis that ACA was a deal made between the White House and the major private healthcare insurers, whereby the individual insurance mandate of the ACA basically monopolizes health insurance, forces citizen participation across the board, increases overall premium revenue, and will reduce the costs of delivering healthcare by squeezing the medical services community. In the short term, the private healthcare insurers will make out handsomely ..... at least until the Socialists play their next strategic card. With full control over the national healthcare industry now resting in the hands of a new and massive federal government executive agency, insulated from and unanswerable to the public, it will be a relatively easy task to bureaucratically regulate the private insurance industry right out of the healthcare picture simply by changing the rules so as to make it impossible for them to make any money. That will of course leave the feds in sole possession of the entire healthcare playing field, including control over what is estimated to soon become one out of every three dollars spent in this nation. Voila - single payer system via 'sub rosa' political machination.

Wait and see.

Absolutely true! The criminal regime in office and their flunkies in the congress and media have been giving them cover as they politicize all aspects of the government. barry rules by fiat whenever he can. He should have been impeached a year ago. Tyranny, not the soft kind but the communist kind is afoot and we are slowly being subjugated.
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