Bismarck's Holding Bulkhead

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Bismarck's Holding Bulkhead

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I've read that Bill Jurens determined that Bismarck's internal holding bulkhead was intact, indicating that her side protective system wasn't breached.

Bismarck seems to be in sediment up almost to her normal waterline. I wonder if I might prevail on Bill to describe how he has made that determination, or even if he has been misquoted.
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Bismarcks holding bulkhead

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I examined parts of the holding bulkhead etc. during the 2001 expedition, and was able to examine that same area in much more detail using tapes from the Cameron expedition, once in 2003 and once in 2006. The Cameron tapes are much more detailed, as his small 'bots' could swim right inside the side protection system.

Overall, the holding bulkhead appears to be in quite good condition. As noted, however, some parts are not visible as they are buried in the mud and others are not accessible for various and sundry other reasons.

Bill Jurens
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