In Memoriam Alois Haberditz

Anything about the crew, families, origins, etc.
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José M. Rico
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In Memoriam Alois Haberditz

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The last Bismarck survivor living in Canada, Alois Haberditz, passed away on Monday, October 23, 2006. He was 86 years old.

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Karl Heidenreich
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Rest in peace.
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Gerhard N
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Re: In Memoriam Alois Haberditz

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I grew up with Alois Haberditz as a next door neighbor in Roseneath ON, Canada! A very nice person that loved fishing and his German shepherd dog. I knew him for many years only as "Bismarck", the nickname the locals called him! I was very sad to hear of his passing in 2006 and only found out several years later! He did not talk much of his time on the Bismarck but his few reminisces captivated me and stay with me to this day!
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