Hi I am a relative of admiral Lutjens

Anything about the crew, families, origins, etc.
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Hi I am a relative of admiral Lutjens

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I was just doing a random Google search on my family and I noticed this forum and saw the section on the ancestry of Bismark members so thought I would drop by to just spread some information on the topic.

Admiral Lütjens was my great grandfather's cousin. My grandfather (who is very much still alive :D ) was in the Hitler-Jugend and trained as a pilot with the Luftwaffe flying gliders but was fortunately too young to ever see combat. His father was in the Waffen SS was killed on the eastern front (no-one is sure exactly how but one of his friends who made it back said the area he was last seen in was hit heavily with katyusha rockets).

Anyway what I wanted to share with you guys was what I know about my family ancestry in particular. My grandpa is from close to Hamburg, but originally the family has its origins in Lütjenburg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%BCtjenburg

I wish I had a camera (I just moved house so am very disorganized) as my grandpa gave me not only a metal plaque of the Lütjenburg emblem (the same one you see on the Wiki page) but also a red/white flag with a knight riding on water on it and the family emblem. Firstly the significance of the flag: my grandpa says it goes back to the middle-ages when an English army invaded the area and the locals released the dikes and drowned them. As for the family emblem: I don't have it in front of me (as I said I'm in the process of relocating) but from memory the center of it is actually a palm tree. According to my grandpa this also goes back a long time to when my ancestors were "bad boys" and would go on large raiding parties, and apparently their scope of pillaging was so great that they encountered palm trees, hence why it's on there.

So yeah that's what I know about the family.

If I get any replies to this and there is interest I will definitely scan the family emblem and upload it, although I may have to ask my grandpa first which will be hard as anything to do with the war he is very touchy about. Last time I saw him he showed me this neat little book which went through the family history and the history of the area they lived in, but what was disturbing was the list of those who died in the war. From the general area there was literally hundreds (most in "Rusßland"/"Ostpreußen").

Also if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will try my best to get the answer.
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Re: Hi I am a relative of admiral Lutjens

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A very interesting post. Welcome to the forum Karlos.
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