Join the urgent battle to save this historic warship...

From the first Ironclad warships to the battle of Tsushima.
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Join the urgent battle to save this historic warship...

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Now would be a good time to join the battle to save HMVS Cerberus one of the
most historically important 19th Century warships remaining in the world.

Built in Britain in 1868 Cerberus is the last Ironclad Breastwork Monitor in the
world, she was the first major British Warship to dispense with sails and formed
the patten for the Pre-Dreadnought Battleships C. 1870-1905. She was the second
warship to go through the Suez`Canal. The former Flagship of the Victorian
Colonial Navy, of which she is the last survivor, she is also, easily, the
oldest surviving warship to have served in the Royal Australian Navy, formed in
1911. She features two of the only three Cowper Coles Gun Turrets in the world
and the only two with the original RML guns available.

This ship should be preserved and restored as a priceless heritage treasure, an
educational center and a tourist attraction. If you live in Australia, or
elsewhere in the world, there has never been a better, or more important time to
show your support for our maritime and Naval heritage. Join the worldwide
membership of Friends of the Cerberus (website link below) and lets save the
ship! To succeed in this project we need your help, time is running out, please
join us, both paid and free memberships are available...


See also my Cerberus Yahoo Group
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Re: Join the urgent battle to save this historic warship...

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Three months on, how are things going?
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