Why can't history buffs act? USS Olympia 1893

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Why can't history buffs act? USS Olympia 1893

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One thing I have found out that a lot of people seem to like history but very few want to be a part of history. Folks, we are in real danger of losing the USS Olympia now. The current efforts are foundering.
Some sound good but they have no money to back them. The emergency repairs on the Olympia are just that, they are just plugging holes as they appear. Most the of this money for the emergecy only repairs is coming from the few donations given to the National Trust for Historic Preservation USS Olympia website. The Olympia is both de jure and de facto an orphan. There just isn't enough enthusiasm generated to get out the word and educate folks on how important the Olympia is. Websites don't do it. The real movers and shakers out there are not surfing the web, they are out there doing things. To get their attention you have to work outside the box. Letters have more impact but emails will also help. The government is useless. Only the private sector and individuals caln help. Bombard newspapers and radio stations with emails, letters, phone calls.
Can't you be part of something rather than just talking and writing about it? The Olympia can be YOUR legacy.
Yes I have donated to the NTHP USS Olympia fund and I will do so again. I have sent free copies of my book to people in an attempt to gain their interest in the era. I have send letters to everyone I can think of that might help (my world is small though). Not one in a thousand respond, but we need that ONE as you never know who they might know.
Spread the word to your WWII and dreadnought friends. The USS Texas is next on the strike list. If the Olympia goes the Texas goes and we all know that she is the last dreadnought (and she is in bad trouble with super-rust in her hull.
We lose the Olympia we lose an age.
You can write me personally if you wish as I am right in the middle of the current foundering effort. I know the people that really know what is going on.
Spread the word....don't be shy about it....don't be apologetic....be militant in your zeal. Pull in those dreadnought and WWII buffs also. What do you think is going to happen to their ships in fifty years if the Olympia and BB-35 are not saved NOW?

Al Sumrall
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Re: Why can't history buffs act? USS Olympia 1893

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I saw the Olympia many years ago with my favorite uncle. Then about 20 years ago he told me it was in very bad shape. So I can believe it has gotten worse.

Any updates on efforts to save this beautiful & historical ship?
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