The Greatest Naval Battle in History

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Which was the greatest naval battle in history?

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Steve Crandell
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Re: The Greatest Naval Battle in History

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RF wrote: Fri Oct 08, 2021 7:19 am I'm not aware of land based aircraft attacking ships. Jap planes did attack a land target - the airfields on Midway Island - but beyond that I am not aware of any land based intervention, apart from the use of flying boats based on Pearl Harbor being used to scout for the IJN task force, but these were on a seek, observe and report basis only, they did not attack any target.
One other factor easily overlooked, as historians tend to treat this as a footnote in the aftermath of the battle, is that the USS Yorktown was finally sunk by a Jap submarine, so aircraft were not the exclusive destruction forces in this battle.
I really thought this was common knowledge. B-17s, B-26 (torpedo bombers), and TBMs, all from Midway. Non achieved hits, but they attacked and served to add to the continuous strain on the IJN fighters, which kept the IJN decks in more or less continuous turmoil for hours.
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Re: The Greatest Naval Battle in History

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The initial detection in fact was from airplanes from Midway.
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Re: The Greatest Naval Battle in History

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I stand corrected, I wasn't aware that the airfields on Midway Island were used in an offensive capacity.
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