Naval Technology and Life on board

General naval discussions that don't fit within any specific time period or cover several issues.
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Naval Technology and Life on board

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I have just signed on to this website because it looks interesting by the topics raised and the discussions in the forum. I am interested in naval matters and last January, I set-up a website ( to show some of the photographs from my extensive collection - too extensive says my wife !

There are many good naval websites out there already so I decided to try and do something different. Instead of showing photographs of "HMS This" or "USS That" arranged by class, bow on, starboard quarter or before and after modernisation, I chose to select topics about naval technology and life in the navy and illustrate them with photographs from my collection. So you can find "Women in the Navy", "The Rise of the Big Gun, "Naval Aviation" and "Coaling" for example. There is even a topic "Prangs, Bangs and other Mishaps" with photographs when things go wrong !

Have a look !