Warship Shafts

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Warship Shafts

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Hey everyone,
Yeah I know, long time no see. I have been busy with school and been playing around with my old designs. Now that I am older I am seeing problems that I couldn't have imagined before.

One of these little quandaries is the fact that my "Armored Citadel" is narrower than the spacing of the outer propellers, or in simpler words the outer props are to the left and right of the "Armored Citadel". The turbines are within this defense network. This means my shafts either have to angled the whole way (resulting in them being angled away from the centerline, and hydrodynamic nightmare?) or have a coupler somewhere inside so they are coming straight out (is a coupler on a big ship a nightmare and potentially a major hazard due to torque?).

All the shafts I have seen, for instance, the Nimitz pictures and Yamato models, appear very straight out of the hull. Also I see many line drawings with the shafts heading DOWNWARD from the hull... that isnt relevant to my horizontal spacing issue... but it is a curious design.

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Matthew Petrie
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Re: Warship Shafts

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They were straigth, AFAIK.
Not all the shafts originated ffrom the same general area. In Bismarck for instance, the center shaft was shorter than the other 2, as it was connected to the turbine in Section VIII.The port and starboard shafts were connected to turbines in Section X.
You can see it better scrolling down this page: http://www.kbismarck.com/propulsioni.html
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Re: Warship Shafts

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The Bismarck shafts are angled to the ship centreline, I don´t remember the exact angle now.

Thorsten Wahl
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Re: Warship Shafts

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ca. 2,5 degrees downward
outer shafts ca 1,5 degrees outward
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