Weihe - Austrian torpedo boat 1888

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Weihe - Austrian torpedo boat 1888

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This is my first post here. I have been a member for a few months only so I hope that I have got it right.

My question concerns the Austrian torpedo boat Weihe built by Eibinger Schichau-Werft in 1888. The triple expansion engine from this boat is in the Vienna Technical Museum in a cutaway form.

Unfortunately when in Vienna I photographed this engine but not the details card attached to it. I recently had a need for these technical details and (good old) Wikipedia came up with the following:

Cutaway of triple expansion compound steam engine, originally installed on the Austrian torpedo boat Weihe. Built by Eibinger Schichau-Werft 1888, power 660 kW, ship's speed 17.5-22 kt at 280-370 rpm.

Does anyone here know whether this rpm likely to be correct, please as it seems high to me for a T3 reciprocating steam engine(not that I know anything specifically)? Or could this be prop speed having been geared up from a lower engine rpm, perhaps?

Any advice will be appreciated, please.

Geoff (YM)
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Re: Weihe - Austrian torpedo boat 1888

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The number is correct. I just found 400 rpm for RN destroyers of the day.

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