Turkey and Syria

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Turkey and Syria

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Your opinions please.
Was president Trump correct in pulling out US troops from Syria and letting the Turks, Kurds and Syrians get on with it, even though it let the Russian in?
Also, I believe Turkey has one of the largest armies in the Continent, so if the Russians ares involved could it eventually lead to a bigger conflict?
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Re: Turkey and Syria

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Hi Paul,
Difficult to judge, as absolutely none of the traditional mass media reportage (IMO) can be trusted. I would place my bet upon Trump following the right course here.

What follows is, of course, strictly my opinion

> The Kurds are by no means a monolithic entity, except of course in ethnicity. The Kurds are divided by various factions with differing political ambitions and agendas.

> All the Islamic terrorism/extremism we are seeing in the Mideast is a false front - they are basically mercenary armies supplied and organized by outside interests that have little to do with Islamic fundamentalism. The goal is to upset and politically destabilize the region and "re-orient" the leaderships of the various states to coincide with the desires of certain powerful global interests.

> Syria is not, in and of itself, a wealthy or powerful state (unless the tremendous reserves of natural gas fields discovered by the Israelis under the Golan Heights region extend beneath Syrian territory). Syria's true attraction is as a right of way for a natural gas pipeline network to Western Europe. Russia and Iran are hotly competing for this access. My guess is that Trump would prefer that Putin win this prize.

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Re: Turkey and Syria

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paul.mercer wrote: Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:33 am Gentlemen,
Your opinions please.
Was president Trump correct in pulling out US troops from Syria ?
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