Iron Coffins by Herbert Werner

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Iron Coffins by Herbert Werner

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I have read this book twice now,the second time i read it i cross referenced with and while it is broadly accurate in places in other bits it does stretch credibilty at best at worse it just is not "factual",has anyone else read this book?did you take it as "his" story,the thing was for me that although he DID have some hairy moments the thing that actually stood out was when i looked at his boats historys when he was on them was just how oddly lucky and safe his time appears to have been,for instance he sunk very few ships and seems to have avoided a lot of anti-u boat attacks by the Allies when HE was onboard [according to the records],..Although i still think its a good story i only like to read non-fiction so was a little disapointed when i had done a little research.
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Re: Iron Coffins by Herbert Werner

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This issue has been discussed at soome length at and the consensus was that soem of the actions as represented by Mr. Werner are not supported by naval records. Nevertheless, it was a good read and despite the inconsistencies, it was a good portrayal of the service.

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