Friedman's The British Battleship

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Friedman's The British Battleship

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Has anyone else bought this? A first glance through and a read of the first three chapters suggest that it's of the usual high standard, with the usual serviceable prose and a good selection of photographs. The amount of important and interesting information in the voluminous photo captions makes for a fragmented read but, then, this was never meant to be a page-turning thriller.

I've posted a listing of the contents page on Amazon UK. I've also posted a question about a detached page. There's a number of ship layouts in a colour section in the middle and there's a detached page - not torn or cut, just never bound in - showing half of HMS Valiant. Not sure whether this is intended, a one-off fault or something affecting the whole print-run.

If you have his cruiser or destroyer books, you'll know whether you want (need, in my case) this one.