Anatomy of the Ship Scharnhorst - Stefan Draminski

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Anatomy of the Ship Scharnhorst - Stefan Draminski

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I have got and read AotS for Scharnhorst from Mr.Draminski.
The book was written using good references, consulting most knowledgeable people and result is, in my poor opinion, excellent.
Again more technicalities would have been welcome, but the evolution of the aspect of the ship is incredibly detailed (and, afaik, correct).
330+ pages (fully worthy their price), dedicated to a somehow "forgotten" ship (at least compared to Bismarck).
Description and History (50 pages) is very balanced and technically/historically extremely interesting.

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Re: Anatomy of the Ship Scharnhorst - Stefan Draminski

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I received mine today. It is very well done, to say otherwise is untrue. Incredible heavy for an AOTS, 400 pages, the closest one (that I have) is Dreadnought with 256 pages. The plans are accompanied by 3D renderings, which are excellent to understand the superstructure. No, it has not the detailed machinery plans found in Dreadnought, Hood or Warspite, nor the amazing constructional details found in some of the mentioned volumes. Anyway it is an interesting addition to any naval library. Only thing I dare criticize, there are some 3D renderings of hull decks among the plans of these decks, but the renderings lack titles to know exactly to what deck it belongs.

Please any of you that is in contact with the author, congratulate him for the work, it may have involved many many months work.

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