New Kriegsmarine DVD set

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New Kriegsmarine DVD set

Post by Alfonso Arenas » Tue Aug 30, 2005 8:08 pm

Hi, all

There is a new DVD set (3 units in a box) about the Kriegsmarine. About 2/3 is the same old material that most of us known, but 1/3 is totally new, at least for me. Minutes and minutes, if not hours, of never seen footage. An example: 5 minutes devoted to the meeting of Atlantis and Admiral Scheer at the Indic Ocean. For lovers (and modellers) of AS, a must. Even more: against the usual, the U-boot part is rather reduced. About 80% is devoted to surface ships. Footage about last days is impressive. I have seen several times pictures of Admiral Hipper at her final parking place, but never on filming from many, many angles.

The set is available in Germany (any large shop, like Media Markt). Retail price is around €44. It worths every coin of it.

The name, 'Kampf und Untergang der Deutschen Kriegsmarine'.

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