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Takur Ghar MSG Chapman movie upcoming

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 7:03 am
by Kev D ... 044867002/

Both the book mentioned in the article, i.e. Alone At Dawn (and another entitled Roberts Ridge) are highly recommended in telling the story of the fiasco / clusterf@#k and true heroism shown on Takur Ghar that black night in Afghanistan in the the very early hours on March 4 2002. But the book Alone at Dawn delves deeper into the post combat phase and how the SEAL hierarchy did everything they could to prevent MSG Chapman, an Air Force Combat Controller, from posthumously being awarded the Medal Of Honor. Thankfully they failed in that 'mission' and shame on them for even trying!

For those that know little of the events described in the two books mentioned, even the Wiki page gives a good account of the SNAFU on the mountain top and the command decisions that lead to it.