Nazi items and other memorabilia

Related items you have for sale or want to acquire. No commercial vendors please!
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Nazi items and other memorabilia

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There is an English company called World Wide Arms that sell an enormous variety of weapon and related memorabilia, ranging from antique weapons to modern AK47's, WWI and 2 stuff like Lee Enfield 303's, MG42's and other deactivated weaponry as well as numerous Nazi items from badges to penknives with a picture of Hitler on them. Now I know some of the items are genuine, having purchased some items for my Martini Henry from them and have no doubt that the antique and WWI/2 weapons are real, but when it comes to badges and smaller items like SS daggers etc, I wonder how anyone can be sure that they are original particularly as there seems to be an almost unending supply. has anyone any experience in this?
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Re: Nazi items and other memorabilia

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You have to be really careful when someone is selling "authentic" items. There is a whole industry in fake Nazi items & detecting them. As a reenactor I have seen authentic & repro items side by side and I can't pick real from fake. All I can say is do your homework and if there is a particular type item your interested in get some of the publications on collecting and what to look for like makers marks. Check sites like Collectors Guild or Wehrmacht Awards for tips on collecting. Hope that helps. Good luck!
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