Escape from the Scheer?

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Escape from the Scheer?

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I came across this, forgive me if it has been discussed before but I couldn't see a reference.
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Re: Escape from the Scheer?

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I was not clear on the date of this encounter from the video. Was it on the 5th? It is not mentioned in the KTB for the 5th or in the action report of the battle with HX84 authored by Krancke.

The convoy was located by the Scheer's scout plane 88 nautical miles away at 13:00. This presented Krancke with a problem because night fall was only 4 hours away. Krancke had the option of stalking the convoy through the night or to attack at dusk. He chose to attack at dusk. He was slowed by an encounter with a banana boat called the Mopan. If this encounter with the Northern Prince occurred on the late afternoon of the 5th, then they probably let the N. Prince go because they wanted to get at the convoy as soon as possible.

Scheer opened fire on the Jervis Bay from a range of 16,900 meters (18,525 yards), scoring hits immediately, but it took 22 minutes to sink the Jervis Bay. By then it was after sun set. Nonetheless, Scheer opened fire at a steamer designated target number four 24 minutes after sunset at a range of 20,350 meters (21,170 yards) scoring with its first salvo, according to the action report.
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