the sinking of the Musashi

From the Washington Naval Treaty to the end of the Second World War.
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the sinking of the Musashi

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Gentlemen. re the sinking of the Musashi, I read somewhere that while he sister ship Yamato has been discovered blown apart into two bits, the Musashi was completely destroyed (even more than Hood) because all four of her magazines exploded at once - would that be possible as it would have taken one hell of an explosion to totally destroy a 60.000+ ton ship?
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Re: the sinking of the Musashi

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During the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Musashi was sunk by an estimated 19 torpedo and 17 bomb hits from American carrier-based aircraft on 24 October 1944. Over half of her crew was rescued. Her wreck was located in March 2015 by a team of researchers employed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. ... ip_Musashi

So it would be possible to hit fore and aft magazines and set them off?
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