What is Putin up to?

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Re: \what is Putin up to?

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José M. Rico wrote: Wed Mar 09, 2022 2:15 am In the following twitter account you can find lots of photos of destroyed/damaged/captured vehicles planes and helicopters.
The Russians are having heavy casualties, there is no doubt about that.


Many also wonder why the Russian Air Force has not appeared over the battlefield en masse.
I do find some parallels here with the Winter War of 1939-40, Stalin's incursion into Finland, which ultimately pushed Finland into allying with Nazi Germany.
However at that time Ukraine was part of ''mother Russia'' - now the rump of Russia does not have the level of superiority in population, industry or resources, so I can't see the Russians winning.

With respect to a no-fly zone, most observers seem to be ignoring the one problem that makes it logistically very difficult to try to enforce. Ukraine is surrounded on three sides by Russia - unless the no-fly forces are based in Ukraine itself (where it can be attacked on the ground) it can only be enforced from Romania, as the other NATO countries are too far away. So how do you enforce no-fly over Kharkov with planes based in Romania? Yes, you can have ground batteries etc but then it would be much easier to give such weapons to Ukraine.

It is unfortunate that Ukraine doesn't have special forces that can go into Russia and attack their supply logistics....

I would think that Russian airpower is not attacking en masse because they don't have the logistical capability to do it. The only trump card Putin has to play are the threat of nuclear weapons as I would suggest that if conventional warfare goes into Poland or Romania the Russian ground forces stand to be slaughtered - if they can't roll over the Ukranians how can they stand up to Poland, Romania and Turkey backed by US airpower as well? What if Norway then comes in?
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Re: What is Putin up to?

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Hi RF,
I fear that if Putin does put his troops into Poland then there is a very good chance of WW3 as it would (hopefully) mean that the US would then be involved and with it all NATO forces against which in a conventional war he would have no chance and (if he is deranged enough) he may use nuclear, biological or chemical weapons-unless his generals and senior ministers step in to stop him. While they may not admit it, I'm sure that besides nukes, some western countries (US ,GB and possibly France) also have biological and chemical weapons as well. Surely even Putin could see that in this scenario there will be no winners.
As regards the Russian air force, I think they are not using them to their full potential because of the effectiveness of the anti aircraft missiles that are being shipped into Ukraine. MIG jets are rather expensive items!
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Re: What is Putin up to?

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Hello All.

Recent weeks have seen many terrible developments. The failure of the "Coup de Main" approach where the Russians just expected to drive almost unhindered into Kyiv and replace the democratic government has clearly failed. It seems obvious motivation and morale of the Russian ground troops is at a very low ebb. Hence the switch to using "remote killing" methods like artillery, cruise missiles and even the hyperbaric weapons. In a war as opposed to a "special military operation" this brutal softening up might have happened before, not after a ground assault.
It is unfortunate that Ukraine doesn't have special forces that can go into Russia and attack their supply logistics.
IMHO it would be a disastrous development if Ukraine put even one boot on Russian soil. Despite the conflict in the Donbass and unproven allegations of genocide Ukraine is clearly the victim of an unproved assault. International outrage is based on that. The whole tenet of Putin's justification for this unjust attack is that Ukraine allied with evil aggressive NATO represents an existential threat to Mother Russia. Putin will have gone "full Goebbels" when he resorts to putting some dead prisoners in Ukrainian uniforms in some sensitive Russian location in a false flag operation. Russian logistics are quite exposed enough on the road to Kyiv, to cut off the head of the column, creating a major disaster for Putin. 300,000 Russian soldiers were captured near Kyiv in 1941, having tried to defend the city, and most died in German POW camps. Now their grandsons are attacking and destroying the place. Lunacy.

BTW terrifying revisionist N**-N*** claptrap is available on the wonderful internet, I tripped over a certain woman writer''s attempt to disprove the Glewitz incident ever happened, along with the Holocaust, Kristallnacht and a few other well-known features of WWII. Her website looks so plausible. Apparently, her pieces are also transmitted by as podcasts by a radio and internet station in Texas USA. Free speech without any constraints has a terrible price. Conspiracy theory twaddle conjured up to fool the credulous who are so keen to find out the "Real Deal" they will believe any baloney.
Lies about the past, but Putin's machine is telling lies about the present.

All the vest

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Re: \what is Putin up to?

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RF wrote: Fri Mar 04, 2022 8:49 am
Byron Angel wrote: Thu Mar 03, 2022 7:23 pm
Not to mention that, IIUC, official UK data has now reported that vaccinated individuals presently account for 9 of 10 UK Covid cases. If accurate, how curious ..........

98% of the UK population is vaccinated, so the one in ten of unvaccinated Covid cases comes from a miniscule residual population.

Perhaps the data from the UK Health Security Agency for 14 Feb - 13 Mar 2022 is mistaken then.

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