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FIRST Robotics

Post by Legend » Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:13 pm

Hey Guys,
I just got back from a trip to Atlanta, and in light that many of you have some degree in engineering, I should mention it. I am part of an organization called FIRST, which stands for: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. Every year they come out with a new game, sport, challenge, or whatever else you may want to call it. We as high school students have six weeks to design, prototype, build, and practice with a robot that has the capability to compete in this game. This year the game was called Breakaway, and was based on soccer, for we had to score soccer balls into goals at either corners of the feild. Two alliances of three teams play head to head to win. In Atlanta my team competed in the FIRST Nationals, where we went undefeated through qualifiers and into the semi-finals of our division.

I have been part of this program for six years now, and in that time I have learned the basics of electronics, pneumatics, programming, and have learned the finer applications of machining, strategy, engineering processes, and leadership. This is the fastest growing sport in the United States, and it has spread to many countries in South America and the Middle East, not counting the thousands of middle school and elementary school teams from nearly every country of the world. ... post953683

I would be delighted if you gentlemen could look through some of these websites and respond with your reactions. Our teams are heavily dependant on coorporate sponsors and mentors, and anything helps. For instance, I know many of you are from the UK. We have yet to have a high school team from the UK, and I would like to say that if anyone does find a group of students there who are looking for help, my team and I would be more than willing to help them out, along with any other foreign country in need of help! I know Germany for instance, has exchange students on multiple teams, and also that there is a middle school team from Germany. I know some may read this, and immediately think "SPAM!" but as part of our community service projects it is vital to spread the word. I finally decided to post this here because I realized that you gentlemen can appreciate the need and uses of technological education.

Matthew Petrie
Team 1086 Blue Cheese

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